Characteristics of the hottest large machine tool

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Features of large machine tool castings

generally speaking, horizontal bed is used, and the structure of horizontal bed is relatively simple. The horizontal bed has good processability, which is convenient for the processing of guide rail surface in the past two years. The horizontal lathe bed equipped with a horizontally placed tool rest can improve the motion accuracy of the tool rest. Generally, it can be used for large-scale CNC lathes or personalized small products. The layout of precision CNC lathes will become more and more obvious. However, due to the small space in the lower part of the horizontal bed, it is difficult to remove debris. From the perspective of structural dimensions, the horizontal placement of the tool rest makes the horizontal dimension of the sliding plate longer, thus increasing the structural dimension of the machine tool in the width direction. Large machine tool castings fully meet the chemical composition standard of HT250 and the standard of mechanical property test

the horizontal bed is equipped with inclined sliding plates and the inclined bed is equipped with inclined sliding plates. The layout form of inclined sliding plates is widely used by small and medium-sized CNC lathes. This is because these two layout forms are easy to remove chips. The working frequency of the nail hammer is impossible to be very high, hot iron chips will not accumulate on the guide rail, and it is also convenient to install an automatic chip conveyor; It is easy to operate and install manipulator to realize single machine automation; The machine covers a small area, has a simple and beautiful appearance, and is easy to realize closed protection

machine tool large casting blank size 1910mm × 960mm × 1120mm, the maximum wall thickness is 25mm, the minimum wall thickness is 15mm, the weight is 2100Kg, the material is HT300, and the guide rail is quenched. Furan resin sand molding is adopted, and 15t power frequency induction furnace smelting is adopted

large machine tool castings are made of resin sand and lost foam casting, with a single piece of more than 40 tons. The materials are high-quality and delicate gray cast iron ht200-ht300, with accurate proportion and higher tensile and bending strength, so that you have no worries when buying

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