Characteristics of the four most popular bottle op

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Characteristics of four common bottle openers

the original name of the cork puller was botlescreen. According to historical documents, the earliest mention of the metal cork puller was about 1681, which appeared in Britain. Over the past three centuries, people have been trying to make a hand-held plug puller that conforms to human mechanics and engineering, so that it can achieve the best effect of stability, quickness, cleanness and neatness in the process of handling corks. The emergence of bottle opener originated from cork, and cork puller came into being several centuries later. Until now, cork pullers have been called bottle openers, and there have been a variety of shapes

rabbit ear bottle opener

rabbit ear bottle opener is a kind of fast bottle opener, which is named because its two handles used to clamp the bottle neck of wine are like rabbit ears. It is clamped by a soft rabbit ear handle between the pier and the bridge, otherwise the experiment will not be ideal. After the bottleneck, quickly press the pressure bar to make the auger quickly enter the cork, and then pull back the pressure bar to make the cork come out

t-shaped cork puller

this is the oldest bottle opener, and its structure is also the simplest. A screwdriver and a handle may have strange decorations and shapes, but they never change. When using, screw the screwdriver into the cork and pull it out with force. This type of bottle opener is laborious and easy to break the cork, so other bottle openers began to consider how to open the cork safely and safely

waiter type bottle opener

waiter type bottle opener is widely used. Because it has many functions and is easy to fold and put into the pocket, it is used more by service personnel, so it is called waiter type bottle opener. It is generally characterized by a foil cutting knife (with teeth and without teeth), a cork lifting fulcrum, a screw drill and a bottle opener for opening a bottle cap

double arm lever plug puller

commonly known as butterfly wing plug puller. There is a round cap at the place contacting the bottle mouth, which can cover the bottle mouth to support the reaction force when pulling out the cork. When drilling into the cork, the wings on the left and right sides are slowly lifted with the depth of drilling, which is worthy of our laboratory machine factory personnel to learn; When it is raised to the highest position, press it down with both hands, and the cork will immediately and slowly move above the bottle mouth. Then grasp the pulled cork with the right palm, hold the bottleneck with the left hand, clockwise (simultaneously upward) with the right hand, counterclockwise with the left hand, and apply force at the same time, and then slowly pull out the cork. It can be used as "the largest composite structure for preparing space vehicles in history. The use method of this plug puller is very simple, so it is called a fool plug puller

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