Characteristics of the hottest gas detection

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Characteristics of gas detection

characteristics of gas detection tube the detection tube for measuring gas actually instrumentalizes the chemical analysis method. It is a quantitative, qualitative and fixed value detection method, which has the dual advantages of chemical analysis and instrumental analysis

(1) easy to operate. When in use, there are only two steps: special sampling and test result display, which are almost carried out at the same time, which provides great convenience for professional inspectors. As long as the operators carry out the test according to the operation method of the instruction manual, it can be applied

(2) fast analysis. Due to the convenient operation, the time required for each analysis is greatly shortened. Generally, the results can be obtained in only tens of seconds to a few minutes. Its analysis speed is incomparable to any chemical analysis and instrument method

(3) high measurement accuracy. The fluorine lined butterfly valve simulates the field analysis conditions on the determination of the content scale of the detection tube, and uses different standard gases for calibration, which overcomes the method errors easily brought into the chemical analysis. At the same time, human error is reduced

(4) good adaptability. There are three kinds of detection tubes: low concentration, conventional concentration and high concentration, ranging from zero point to several ppm to tens of percent. It has a wide range of applications, which provides great convenience for the analyst's Wechsler hardness tester to measure the Wechsler hardness value of aluminum alloy products

(5) safe to use. It can be operated manually without power and heat source, and can be used safely in places with flammable and explosive gases

(6) low price and easy to carry. Although the product is disposable, it is cheaper than the total price measured by other chemical and instrumental methods, and it does not need maintenance and repair, which is even cheaper. The detection tube is small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for operators to use in various environments

(7) strong recognition. It can measure various harmful gases, and third, it can realize selective identification to a certain extent

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