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The characteristics of laser holographic printing technology and the application of holographic materials (II)

at present, the sample preparation of laser holographic film image materials pendulum film impact tester: there are mainly the following types: the most common laser holographic films are polyester film (PET), polypropylene film (OPP), polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) and water washed film. Manufacturers can choose different materials according to the application needs, and the application range of different materials is different

(1) pet laser holographic film

due to its stable material, good printability and environmental protection requirements, pet laser holographic film is currently the most widely used and used material. It can be bonded with cardboard and made into various packaging boxes and bags after printing. It can also be used in various flexible packaging markets, such as food flexible packaging or hose packaging. Transparent PET laser holographic film can be made into shaped packaging. At the same time, pet laser holographic film is often used to print self-adhesive labels, or to make gold and silver wires, powder, etc

(2) OPP laser holographic film

generally speaking, OPP is not as suitable for printing as pet and PVC materials, which makes its application in packaging and printing subject to great restrictions. However, through the improvement of OPP material surface treatment technology, it is also consumable materials that have made great progress in the printability of OPP laser holographic film, and customers can easily achieve exquisite printing. The transparent OPP laser holographic film is also a good glazing material, which can bring a different feeling to the printed matter. In addition, OPP laser holographic film is also an ideal material for making flexible packaging

(3) PVC excitation "The chemical fiber industry is no longer only used in the traditional textile and clothing optical holographic film

although the use of PVC is limited in European and American countries with strong environmental awareness, it still has a considerable number of applications in printed materials because of its very ideal printability. PVC laser holographic film is more often made into various Christmas decorations, Spring Festival couplets, greeting cards, etc., and the enthusiastic Latin American people also use it a lot at the carnival, flashing Bright and dazzling laser holographic luster can add a festive atmosphere, so it is also very popular with consumers. Gauss international

(4) laser holographic water washing film

laser holographic water washing film is made of pet laser holographic film, OPP laser holographic film and PVC laser holographic film. The so-called water washing film is to use sodium hydroxide to remove the anodized aluminum on the film surface, so that the film surface, in addition to the laser holographic gloss, presents a unique transparent pattern or specific trademarks, graphics and texts, etc., which can be directly used as packaging paper, or made into cartons, handbags, book covers, etc. after bonding, it is not only beautiful, but also has anti-counterfeiting effect. It is mainly suitable for brand packaging

(5) nuclear confidential laser holographic film

nuclear track anti-counterfeiting as a high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology, together with heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting, is called two nuclear weapons in the field of anti-counterfeiting. Nuclear track anti-counterfeiting technology is to use nuclear reactors and other nuclear materials to irradiate the plastic film to form track damage in the plastic film, and then form the nuclear track micropore anti-counterfeiting pattern required for fine trademark identification through imaging technology. Finally, the nuclear track micropore anti-counterfeiting logo or other forms of nuclear track micropore anti-counterfeiting technology products are obtained through the processing of products that are not optimistic about the situation of late stage merchants, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. It has the advantages of high scientific and technological content, difficult imitation, easy identification, low production cost and good integration with other technologies. It can be said to be a trend to guide the development of anti-counterfeiting today and in the future. Nuclear track anti-counterfeiting technology products can carry out multiple identification and improve the reliability of general identification. It also has first-line and second-line anti-counterfeiting functions. For example, the high-performance first-line anti-counterfeiting identification polymer nano material VCC nuclear track anti-counterfeiting, as long as a drop of water or a water pen is used, ordinary consumers can directly and easily test the authenticity of goods. At present, it has been used in the packaging trademarks of famous tobacco and alcohol, audio and video, books and periodicals, high-end famous brand products, etc; It is also widely used in the anti-counterfeiting of passports, cards and tickets. Combining nuclear track with laser holographic technology, that is, the anti-counterfeiting encrypted image of atomic nuclear track formed on the laser information film, can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting effect of laser holographic film

in addition to the laser holographic film, there are other laser holographic materials at present

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