Thermal performance test of the hottest S106B gas

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S106B thermal performance test and analysis of gas steam combined cycle unit

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Jinhua gas turbine power plant is composed of two sets of gas steam combined cycle power generation units (2s106b), of which the gas turbine model is PG6551B, which is provided by French Alstom company. The waste heat recovery unit is domestic supporting, and the waste heat boiler is q397/543-66-3.82/450 forced cycle unfired combustion boiler, The equipped steam turbine generator unit is l18-3.43-2 type. 1. The No.2 gas turbine was officially put into operation in December 1998 and April 1999 respectively, and the No.1 and No.2 combined cycles were handed over for production in December 1999 and December 1999 respectively. By the end of June 2002, the cumulative power generation of the whole plant had reached 840million kW · H

in order to verify whether the output power and heat rate of the unit under the performance guarantee conditions, the basic performance of the waste heat boiler, and the output power and heat rate of the steam turbine generator unit meet the contract requirements, this paper attempts to establish a series of analysis methods to identify recycled plastics, and carries out a combined cycle thermodynamic performance test

in order to master the economy and safety of peak shaving operation of the power plant, undertake peak shaving tasks and participate in the requirements of AGC control of provincial dispatching, this performance test also adds the variable condition operation test of combined cycle

this paper introduces the thermal performance test of the combined cycle unit in our plant. Through the calculation and analysis of the test data and combined with the production practice, the key technical problems of AGC limit of S106B combined cycle unit as peak shaving unit are discussed. Through specific practice, the economy and safety of peak shaving operation of the unit have been further improved

1 performance test conditions and results

1.1 guarantee conditions and performance guarantee values of the test

(1) ISO working condition: ambient temperature 15 ℃, atmospheric pressure 0.10135 MPa, atmospheric relative humidity 60%

(2) gas turbine intake system pressure drop reference 950 PA, gas turbine exhaust system pressure drop reference 650 PA (simple cycle) and 2600 PA (combined cycle)

(3) the fuel is 0 diesel

(4) the flue gas temperature at the inlet of waste heat boiler is 543 ℃, and the flue gas flow at the inlet of waste heat boiler is 513T/h

(5) condenser cooling water temperature 20 ℃

(6) performance guarantee value of PG6551B gas turbine generator set:

the electric power output at the generator end is 38730 kW, and the heat rate of the gas turbine is 11370 kjnrl. The transparent thermoplastic elastomer armor technology has applied for a U.S. patent - polymer coating for improved performance and local maintenance/(kW · h)

(7) performance guarantee values of l18-3.43 steam turbine generator unit:

the electric power output at the generator end is 16750 kW, the heat consumption rate of the steam turbine generator unit is 11944 kJ/(kW · h), the steam pressure in front of the main steam valve is 3.43 MPa, the steam temperature in front of the main steam valve is 435 ℃, the steam flow in front of the main steam valve is 65t/h, and the back pressure of the steam turbine is 4.5 kPa

(8) the performance guarantee value of q397/543-66-3.82/450 waste heat boiler: the maximum continuous evaporation capacity is 65.5 T/h, the rated superheated steam outlet pressure is 3.82 MPa, the rated superheated steam outlet temperature is 450 ± 5 ℃, and the exhaust gas temperature is 158 ± 5 ℃

1.2 performance test method

(1) the test is based on the calculation method and correction curve chart provided by ALSTOM, iso2314-1989 gas turbine test acceptance standard and relevant standards provided by waste heat boiler and steam turbine unit manufacturers

(2) before the test, the gas turbine compressor and turbine were washed with water, and the unit was comprehensively treated to eliminate faults and defects, so that the equipment was in a good and healthy state, and the gas turbine inlet air filter was replaced

(3) main measuring points such as atmospheric temperature, pressure, humidity, gas turbine inlet pressure drop, compressor inlet bell ring cavity static pressure, compressor exhaust pressure, fuel oil temperature, flow, turbine exhaust temperature, pressure drop, waste heat boiler inlet flue gas temperature, pressure drop and outlet flue gas temperature, pressure drop, waste heat boiler exhaust temperature, static pressure, live steam pressure, temperature, flow, turbine back pressure, cooling water temperature, The output power, cycle, power factor, etc. of the generator are arranged in a conventional way

(4) conduct a simple cycle base load performance test. After the gas turbine is under full load, the data will be recorded when the change rate of inter wheel temperature is less than 5 ℃ in 15 minutes. The test time is 30 minutes, and the data will be recorded every 5 minutes. Then the unit operates in the combined cycle mode. After the working condition is stable, record it every 5 minutes. The test time of each working condition is 50 minutes

1.3 performance test results under rated working conditions

after test calculation, the net thermal efficiency of 2s106b unit is 44.77%, and the net output power of the unit is 108483 kW, 4.51% higher than the contract guarantee value; The net heat rate of the unit is 8042 kJ/(kW · h), which is 4.8% lower than the contract guarantee value; It can be seen that the schedule of the meeting on output and net heat rate of the unit was learned from the Ministry of science and technology on April 28: both were better than the requirements of the contract

1.4 performance test under variable conditions

the purpose of the variable condition performance test is mainly to master the safety and economy of the variable condition operation of the power plant, so as to guide the actual operation of the unit. The test takes No. 2 combined cycle unit as an example

with the flue gas damper fully open, put the IGV temperature control of the gas turbine into operation, change the load of the gas turbine, and let the steam turbine run with the gas turbine. A test was carried out under the constant pressure and sliding pressure operation modes of the steam turbine. The data are shown in table 1

draw the test data of each working condition in Table 1 into a curve, and the performance curve of the unit is shown in Figure 1. It can be seen in Figure 1 that the sliding pressure mode of the unit under variable operating conditions is more economical, especially at low load. The main reason is that the throttling loss of the main steam is reduced and the steam work capacity is improved during sliding parameter operation

2 application of performance test results

2.1 selection of AGC working area limit of combined cycle units

two sets of combined cycle generator units in the plant participate in automatic load control (AGC) of Zhejiang electric power, and the AGC system of Zhejiang provincial dispatching sends signals (analog quantities) to the DCS system of our plant through the telecontrol device of the power plant to control the active power output of the whole plant. The analog signals required to be sent by the power plant are: the unit has

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