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Characteristics of foam paper packaging materials

recently, PSP company in Bremen, Germany, developed a new process for the production of foam paper, and using foam paper packaging materials to replace foam plastics can effectively reduce environmental pollution and resource waste

? The foam paper produced by PSP company uses used books, newspapers and flour as raw materials for Chinese paper packaging. Its production process is to first cut the recycled old books and newspapers into pieces, then grind them into fibrous pulp, and mix them with flour in the ratio of 2:1. The mixed paper pulp is injected into the extruder and pressed into cylindrical particles, which is mainly used as filler. During the extrusion process of Chinese paper packaging, the raw materials are foamed by water vapor to form foam, and when doing large tonnage material mechanics experiments, paper. Using foam paper particles as raw materials, packaging materials of different shapes can be produced according to needs

? Compared with foamed plastics, the production process of Chinese paper packaging is relatively simple, which can be formed at one time, and the structure of the tensile machine is determined by the elimination of more foam and cooling process. Because foam paper foaming does not need chemical additives, only water vapor, and the used foam paper can also be recycled, reprocessed and reused, the production and use of foam paper are beneficial to the environment. In terms of economic benefits, producing the same amount of packaging materials, foam paper is 10% cheaper than foam plastic. At the end of 2014, a video caused a sensation on the Internet

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