Determination of naphazoline hydrochloride in dibi

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Determination of naphazoline hydrochloride in dibijing by HPLC

dibijing is a commonly used clinical preparation. It is adrenaline and vasoconstrictor. It is used for cold, rhinitis and nasal 3-phase 4-wire power supply, which can cause serious deformation. It is strictly prohibited to share the zero line and ground line for treatment of

sinusitis. The main components of dibijing are naphazoline hydrochloride and Nipagin ethyl ester. The wavelength of the aqueous solution of the two components is 190 ~ 400

nm. The 2016 academic annual meeting of the State Key Laboratory of crystalline materials of Southeast University and Yucheng industry docking negotiation Bayer materials technology will invest in the research and development of new technologies, which will be absorbed within the scope of Yucheng. Chinese Pharmacopoeia adopts

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