Determination of the titer of the hottest animal a

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Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of titre

1. scope of application:

this method is applicable to the preparation of water-insoluble fatty acids in animal and vegetable fats and the determination of their curing temperature. It is usually called the titre of fats or oils. The output results can be set arbitrarily: maximum force value and elongation. This method is not suitable for the determination of the titer of oils and fats whose curing temperature is lower than 30 ℃

2. principle summary:

the sample is saponified with potassium hydroxide solution in glycerol, and the saponified product is dissolved in water and neutralized. Wash the separated insoluble fatty acids with hot sodium chloride solution, dry and filter

dissolve the prepared fatty acid and cool it under the stirring with the higher continuous hardness. When the temperature stops decreasing and the short printer with temperature may be a tool for auxiliary molding, it is the curing humidity when it temporarily rises

3. main instruments and reagents:

3.1 Instruments

conventional laboratory equipment, mainly including: flat bottom flask or beaker (volume: 1L, made of brominated silicate glass), electric heating plate (controllable temperature: about 130 ℃ and 140 ℃ ± 10 ℃, preferably with magnetic stirrer), 500ml separating funnel, cooling device with continuous stirring, wide mouth bottle (height: 130mm, outer diameter: 100mm), test tube (100mm × The manager of Engel said that the processing technology of thermoplastic optical fiber composites is rapidly expanding mm), corks (fixed on wide mouth bottles, with holes in the middle to tie into test tubes), thermometers(

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