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Meat and meat products - Determination of total ash

1. scope of application:

therefore, the materials must be dried before forming. This method is applicable to the determination of total ash content of all kinds of meat and meat products, including poultry

2. principle summary:

the sample is dried and carbonized, then burned at 550 ± 25 ℃, and the residue mass is measured after cooling

3. main instruments and reagents:

3.1 Instruments

conventional laboratory instruments. It mainly includes: mechanical or electronic equipment (which can homogenize the sample), ash tray (flat bottom, made of platinum, quartz or metal or other materials not affected by the test conditions, with a diameter of at least 60mm and a height of at least 25mm), muffle furnace (the temperature can be controlled at 550 ± 25 ℃), dryer, analytical Tianping, oven (controllable temperature 103 ± 2 ℃), electric heating plate or gas flame (if the muffle furnace has no time temperature controller)

3.2. Main reagent

unless otherwise specified, all reagents shall be analytically pure. Mainly: water (at least meeting the class 3 requirements in ISO 3696), 30% hydrogen peroxide

4. Process Description:

4.1 Sample preparation

see ISO 3100-1 for sampling. It is important that the samples obtained in the laboratory are representative and have not been damaged or changed during storage and transportation. The sample shall be at least 200g. The samples shall be stored in such a way that the components are not damaged or changed

the sample is homogenized with appropriate equipment, and care should be taken in this process to make the sample dawn Co., Ltd.: mass production of several new elastomer materials & nbsp; The accelerated temperature of performance growth shall not exceed 25 ℃. If a meat crusher is used, the sample shall pass at least twice. The prepared sample shall be placed in a sealed dogma container not on paper. The components shall not be damaged or changed during storage. It shall be analyzed as soon as possible, preferably within 24h

before sample weighing, put the ash tray in the muffle furnace and heat it at 550 ℃ for 20min. Take out the ash tray, cool it in the dryer to room temperature, and weigh it (M0) on the analytical balance of 1. Main specifications, accurate to 0.1mg

transfer 1.5g to 2.0 samples to the ash tray, weigh (M1), accurate to 0.1mg

4.2. Test

4.2.1 Use the muffle furnace with time temperature controller for measurement

put the ash tray containing the sample into the cool muffle furnace, slowly raise the temperature, and raise the temperature to 550 ℃ after 5h~6h

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