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Measuring the area of the house is a necessary part of the decoration budget, and the accurate calculation of the decoration area is to save money, time and worry. No matter what materials you buy, you can do it all at once. No more, no less, to avoid unnecessary waste

measuring the house area is a necessary part of the decoration budget, and the accurate calculation of the decoration area is to save money, time and worry. No matter what materials you buy, you can do it all at once. No more, no less. Avoid unnecessary waste

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tools: ordinary tape measure, calculator. Note: calculation refers to two different steps: Measurement and calculation. Measurement: it mainly measures the actual size of the house

step 1: obtain a detailed plan of the standard floor or the floor where you live

it is convenient and accurate to measure and calculate according to the detailed residential plan. The plan should include the main data of the residence: the axis size of each room (that is, the size between the center lines of bearing walls or columns) and the overall size of the outer wall, that is, two dimension lines, as well as the use area of each room

most households are on the standard floor, and the measurement and calculation are mainly based on the drawings and area of the standard floor. If the floor of the residence is special, such as the ground floor and the top floor, the drawing of the floor should be used. In order to measure the area of a household, the area of the whole building can not be measured

step 2:

measure and calculate their own internal use area and building area. Calculation of usable area. The dimension measured inside the room is the dimension of the room axis minus the wall thickness and plaster thickness, which cannot be used as the dimension in the area. In other words, the area calculated according to this size is not the usable area. The used area is calculated according to the internal dimension of the room with the axis dimension minus the structural thickness dimension. Generally speaking, when the load-bearing wall is a brick wall, the structural thickness is 24cm, the external wall structural thickness in cold areas is 37cm, the structural thickness of concrete wall is 20cm or 16cm, and the non load-bearing wall is 12cm, 10cm, 8cm, etc. Generally speaking, the axis is located in the middle of the wall, with half the wall thickness on both sides of the middle. The thickness of lime plaster is generally 2-3cm

the measuring position should be 1-1.2 meters above the ground. For a room with an axis size of 360cm, the measurement result should be 360-20-2.5× 2=335cm。 Based on this, the internal axis size of the room can be calculated to be 360cm and the calculated size to be 340cm. If the size error is within a few centimeters, it means that the plastering thickness is inaccurate and uneven, which generally does not affect the axis size and the internal size of the room

if the error is close to or more than 20cm, there may be a problem. Measure the internal dimensions of the room in two directions and multiply them to obtain the usable area of the room. The area of door and window openings is not included in the use area

the sum of the use area of each room (including the space surrounded by non fixed structures such as lobby, aisle, hall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storage room, wallpaper, balcony, etc.) is the total use area of the residence

calculation of the building area in the residence

separate the junction of one's own residence with other homes and public parts along the axis, and the total area between the axes of one's own residence is the total building area in the residence. One of the calculation methods is to add the total use area to the structural area of each section of the wall; One is to directly calculate the area of the geometric figure surrounded by its own axis. However, the total building area in the house is generally not marked in the drawings, which has no substantive significance, and is only used for the next step to calculate the building area of the whole house

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