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We all know that the newly decorated house can't live in immediately. Why? Because of decoration pollution, because there is formaldehyde. Even if we use environmentally friendly materials in the process of decoration, we should ventilate for a period of time before moving in. Now people have another program after decoration &mdash& mdash; Formaldehyde detection. Today, follow sun Gong's diary to understand the problem of formaldehyde detection

I. who can I find for indoor testing

generally speaking, we need to find a nationally recognized authoritative testing institution with qualifications (CMA certification, etc.). However, due to the small number of such institutions and the monopoly of the industry (because the approval conditions are very harsh), their prices are generally relatively high, which is not easy for ordinary consumers to accept. If it's not for litigation, you can also find some enterprises with strength or reputation to conduct enterprise self inspection. This is like judging whether there is a disease, rather than to judge the level of disability. Our purpose is to see whether there is a disease in the end. We just need to find a doctor to judge, rather than a forensic doctor

but here I want to remind you of a few points. With the popularization of marketization and the pursuit of money, and the reasons for the high threshold and poor supervision. Now, the qualifications of many cheap testing companies in the market are actually linked. Just as many decoration companies do not have decoration qualifications, but they are attached to some qualified companies in order to get jobs. Affiliation is very simple. You can get the right to use their qualifications only by paying regular fees to the affiliation enterprises

therefore, don't be too superstitious about the authority of their test results. Therefore, the test results of these testing companies may not be really accurate. Because businesses are profitable. If the testing cost is really low, what does it rely on to make money? Generally, we have to make an issue of pollution control, either with our own pollution control department or with relevant cooperation units that can extract kickbacks. Once the detection and treatment are combined, it is difficult to say the accuracy of the detection results. Perhaps in order to earn money for later treatment, the indoor air quality that is qualified is also unqualified. It is hard to say whether the governance effect is good or bad. Maybe in order to reduce the cost of governance, it is likely to be unqualified or qualified after the end of governance. This is also the reason why we have not cooperated with any testing company for so many years to avoid suspicion

II. How to determine the indoor environment testing items

generally, the established test items include free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) and radon, but the standards are different. "Indoor air quality standard" is to comprehensively control the new physical, chemical, biological and radiological indicators of indoor air; The "code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil construction engineering" is aimed at the limitations of the above five pollutant indicators, which controls the indoor environmental quality of new, expanded and reconstructed civil buildings; In addition, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has formulated ten standards for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials to limit the content of harmful substances in decoration materials that cause indoor environmental pollution. Consumers should establish test items according to different requirements of indoor environment. I won't talk about this in detail, and there may not be many people who have the patience to watch it

III. what is the testing organization with CMA mark

cma (China measurement mark): the testing qualification is divided into national certification and local certification. The national certification is (country) under the CMA chapter, and the local certification. For example, the certification of Beijing Bureau of quality and technical supervision is (Beijing), both of which are authoritative. In addition, CMA Testing is highly professional, which is difficult for outsiders to judge. Remind consumers to know whether the other party has the following conditions when entrusting testing services:

① it must be a professional institution approved by relevant national departments to engage in testing business

② national standard detection methods and instruments must be used

③ you must own a special independent laboratory for indoor environmental testing projects

④ a test report in line with national specifications and with CMA mark must be issued

⑤ the professional qualification certificate for indoor environmental testing issued by the state must be presented (when the inspectors are sampling on site)

only indoor environmental testing institutions that meet the above conditions can provide consumers with accurate and legally effective testing data, so as to help the masses safeguard their legitimate rights and interests

cma qualified testing institutions first use test tubes for sampling, and then return to the laboratory for analysis. Generally, a report is issued in about a week. Formaldehyde and ammonia are detected by spectrophotometer, benzene and TVOC are detected by gas chromatography, and radon is detected by electrostatic adsorption





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