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On September 10, 2015, "it's time!" The autumn new product launch of Leya electric appliances in 2015 with the theme of was grandly held. Leyijia electric appliance dealers nationwide, enterprise executives, media reporters and others attended the press conference

September 10, 2015, with "it's time!" The autumn new product launch of Leya electric appliances in 2015 with the theme of was grandly held. More than 200 people, including leyijia appliance dealers, enterprise executives and media reporters, gathered together to witness the strategic layout of the new brand and the release of new experiential appliances

Wang Xiaole, the famous host of CCTV securities information channel's "wealth forum" column, was invited to help preside over the meeting to improve the appearance and connotation of the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Ma Jing, chairman of leyicha group, said in his speech that the past decade has been a decade of struggle and entrepreneurship for leyicha, as well as a decade of glory and dream; The next decade of leyijia will be a decade of wisdom and success. The strategic goal of leyijia's three-year listing has been determined, and all leyijia people should work together for it

it's time to realize the Internet + era

the conference released the new brand logo logo of leyijia. Xu Kai, director of leyicha brand innovation center, said at the meeting: "the design of the new logo has given the connotation of the new Internet era, which is closer to the aesthetics of consumers, simple but friendly, stable and flexible. This is not just a change of logo, but a brand upgrading movement, but also leyicha's trendmaking move in the Internet era."

(Xu Kai, director of leyijia brand innovation center)

(Liu Yu, director of o2o project department)

now is the Internet era, and it is time to embrace the Internet. In order to create benefits for the majority of dealers, leyijia established the o2o project department this year and established a new marketing model. Relying on the powerful online community platform of online o2o, it realizes high interconnection of consumers, online water storage and offline drainage. At the same time, cooperate with 5000 offline life halls to create a comprehensive three-dimensional distribution channel, so that the Internet + era can be realized in advance

(Zheng Zhanfeng, director of electrical marketing department)

it's time to experience the new life hall

as the highlight of this meeting, the new exhibition hall of leyijia electrical appliances also made its debut. In addition to its beautiful design, it also brought a new life experience to all dealers. The on-site demonstration of products, the preparation of tableware, the use of kitchen ergonomics... Every corner and detail of the exhibition hall bring dealers a full sense of kitchen life experience. Zheng Zhanfeng, head of the marketing department of leyijia electric appliance, said: "in 2015, leyijia electric appliance will establish 15 kitchen and bathroom experience centers across the country, change simple sales products into experiential marketing, and let consumers experience leyijia's kitchen life.

it's time to come up with new products.

" the wind rises, making the starting point of the dull kitchen electric industry wind. Clouds surge, and let our dealer friends see the sun. " In addition to the brand-new brand strategy and logo, Le Yicha also focused on the launch of the "Xingyun" series of smoke machines, including "ultrafiltration king", "silent king", "strong smoking king" and other first-class energy-efficient smoke machines. The most appropriate description is "static, strong, clean". All of them are industry-leading 0 wall design, so that there is no place to hide lampblack

Mr. Xu Kai said: leyijia appliance has always adhered to the idea of user experience to develop and manufacture products, so as to provide consumers with better product use experience and psychological feelings. At the same time, we have also conducted a full understanding and Research on products, and creatively put forward the experience mode of light intelligence integration in view of the consumption trend in the new situation, so as to integrate products into life and experience

(Le Yijia cigarette machine "ultrafiltration king" c191)

(Le Yijia cigarette machine "strong suction king" C189)

take the "ultrafiltration king" cigarette machine as an example, the common oil pollution treatment methods in the industry now include "steam washing", "heating cleaning" and "water cleaning", and Le Yijia's "filtration" method may be the best and most practical oil pollution treatment method at present. The "ultrafiltration king" cigarette machine has advanced three core ultrafiltration technology, Ultrafiltration wind wheel stainless steel + glass split oil guide plate and honeycomb filter screen, triple filtration, air inlet oil filtration can be done at one time, effectively solving the problem of oil pollution, so that users can have a pleasant and relaxed experience. "

it's time to place crazy orders

the new products of this leyijia press conference have greatly improved and improved in performance and appearance, and are more in line with market demand, and have a very competitive price advantage. Le Yicha released the preferential policy for ordering at the new product launch for the first time, and this preferential policy is unprecedented. At the new product ordering meeting, dealers said that this was the most preferential policy in history, and rushed to place orders. It can be seen that the new products of Le Yicha really surprised and satisfied people

the new product launch of leyijia was a complete success, which fully demonstrated the strong R & D strength and innovative brand strategy of leyijia appliance, and laid a strong confidence for all Jiaren. Time, place and people are in harmony. It's time for Le Yijia to take action and subvert the future





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